Easy Home Water Purification System Setup

There are few different setups of basic and advanced water filtration system at home, either for point of entry (POE) purpose like a whole house water filter or point of use (POU) purposes like for bathroom, washing machine, drinking, kitchen use, and more.

Let’s see the common home water purification system for easy setups:


Water Pitcher

Faucet Water Filter

Single-stage Countertop Water Filter

Single-stage Under Sink Water Filter


Multi-stages Countertop Water Filtration System

Multi-stages Under Sink Water Filtration System

Gravity Drip Water Filter

Water Pitcher

As a water pitcher only have one filter, so it’s usually an activated carbon filter or a mixed media filter that consists of a layer of sediment filter and activated carbon block or granules.

It aims to provide the basic water filtration need with the simplest setup (no installation needed, just buy and use).

Due to its lightweight design, you can just carry it around in the house and outdoor.

Want to drink cold water? Just put it in the fridge and enjoy a moment later.

Faucet Water Filter

Faucet type of water filter is designed for families who are looking for basic water filtration with continuous filtered water supply.

Its compact-size body that attached to your faucet makes your kitchen look neat and will not take up any countertop space.

Once the faucet filter is installed and ready, just turn on your faucet to enjoy your clean drinking water.

Single-stage Countertop Water Filter

A single-stage countertop water filter is suitable for people who need basic water filter but don’t wish to change their filter that often.

The countertop water filter usually come in higher capacity, allowing longer usage before the filter needs to be replaced.

Single-stage Under Sink Water Filter

Usually, for a single-stage filter, the under sink set-up is more preferred by most people as the countertop space is more precious.

By installing and hiding the water filter, piping, and valve at the under sink area, it makes the kitchen look better aesthetically.

Multi-stages Countertop Water Purification System

If you need a more advanced water filtration for your home, you’ll have to go for the multi-stages water purification system which consists of 2 or more water filters linked together.

There’s no single filter that can effectively remove all type of contaminants in water, so you have to use multiple filters with each of them deal with specific contaminants to achieve greater filtration capability.

But more filters also mean bulkier, so if your countertop doesn’t have much space, just go for the under sink set-up.

Gravity Drip Water Filter

Gravity drip water filter is a multi-layer water filtration system that is mainly used for outdoor and traveling purposes.

It’s also suitable for people with no kitchen access and renting a room due to its portability, all you need to do is pour the unfiltered water into the container area, wait for a moment, and get your clean drinking water from the collection area.

Depending on your water quality and the number of contaminants you want to remove, you may build a water filtration system at home that consists of 2 to 6 stages.

faucet water filter
countertop water filtration system

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