About Us

Company Introduction

Pursafet has developed complete drinking water filtration products manufacturing solutions, from compressed&molding carbon block manufacturing, plastic housing mold design&manufacturing, mold injection, filter system assembling, water filter and material testing, packaging to delivery. Unlike other companies, Pursafet sees the value in owning the complete manufacturing process from design to build to final delivery. We’re small enough to offer personalized services for each individual project, while remaining large enough to get it done from start to finish.

As the traits of “Pure, Safe,Valuable”, Pursafet defines quality, performance, cost-effective and ecology in water filtration industry. Pursafet masters the art of manufacturing compressed molding blocks made from renewable coconut shells activated carbon. All of our water filters are produced at our manufacturing center and assembly facilities (under ISO 9001:2015 conditions), to deliver quick responses to changes, as well as a consistent production quality.

Pursafet at a glance

  • 7000 Square meters of carbon block manufacturing facility
  • 4000 Square meters of Molding &Injection&Assembly facility
  • 10+ years experience in manufacturing
  • 100+ Employees


Annual supply:

  • 5,000,000 Pieces of Carbon Block 
  • 200 sets of Plastic Molds
  • 3,000,000 Pieces of Plastic Housing

Daily supply:

  • 10,000 Units Refrigerator Water Filters
  • 15,000 Units Pitcher Water Filters
  • 15,000 Units Coffee Machine Water Filters
  • 3,000 Units POU Water Filter System


We are serious about buliding high-quality products.We serve our customers to meet or exceed their expectations.


Pursafet offers innovative,cost effective filtration solutions for global customers.


Pursafet Carbon Block Inc.

water filter manufacturer