Activated Carbon Block Filtration

The Activated  Carbon Block  is composed of fine carbon powder that held together and remains static by a binding agent.

It’s very effective in removing Chlorine taste and odor, chemicals, and more contaminants in water.

Also, the Activated Carbon Block is able to reduce contaminants like lead, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and microscopic cysts in water.

The high porosity powder form resulting in a larger surface area, which allows it to adsorb more contaminants in water and prevent water from channeling.

It also has high resistance against bacterial growth due to the tiny pore size.

How Activated Carbon Block Filter Works

When the water flows through the pores of an activated carbon block, all the impurities with size larger than the size of the pores are mechanically adsorb and accumulate on the activated carbon surface.

At the same time, the positively charged activated carbon attracts all the negatively charged chemicals like Chlorine and get rid of the bad taste and odor.

The Advantages of Activated Carbon Block Filtration

Affordable price and high value (performance-to-cost ratio)

Great contaminants filtration capability

Very effective in removing Chlorine taste and odor

Customizable for different designs and applications

Good water flow rate

Long filter life

Retain essential minerals

Minimal pH level change

Inhibit bacterial growth

Easily to be used in conjunction with other filtration technologies for greater filtration

Doesn’t require a power supply

Green technology

No chemical additives

Pursafet’s activated carbon blocks are made from coconut shell based carbon materials. It delivers an unmactched purity and micro pore volume than other carbon sources, like coal or wood. A higher micro pore volume translates to an increased surface area and porosity for greater adsorption.

Pursafet activated carbon blocks

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