Coffee Machine Filter – Start Your Day With A Greater Taste Coffee

Coffee water filter

A delicious cup of coffee makes a great way to start your day. An amazing cup of coffee can be a celebration to the senses, especially if brewed using high quality, roasted, single origin coffee beans. Ask any coffee enthusiast if the type of water in their coffee causes them concern, and the majority of them will agree – Yes, of course it matters to them.

Coffee is mostly made up around 98% of water, obviously the water you use to brew your coffee is going to have a serious impact on the final coffee taste.

Using filtered water is particularly important for coffee making, as the hard water quickly calcifies inside the machine.

Coffee machines with water filters integrated into the system will eliminate sodium, organic solids and bacteria from your water, reducing the elements that negatively affect aroma and taste, with the advantage of preventing quite so much build-up of scale on your brewing equipment, improves the overall drinking quality of the water.

Pursafet auto coffee machine water filters use with the coconut shell activated carbon and non-sodium ion exchange resin as filtering media, help to reduce most of the chlorine, taste, odor and heavy metals in the water, while offering the improved great tasting water and coffee.


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