Water and coffee

The taste of water and its impact on coffee

Dissolved minerals can have a significant impact on a coffee’s flavor profile, as they affect the way the water extracts coffee from grounds.
In addition, some minerals interact with components in coffee.

Hydrogen carbonate, for example, reacts with coffee acids and, in certain quantities can lead to a  “flat”, unbalanced flavor.

Moreover, substances introduced during water treatment can cause unpalatable chlorine, corky or musty tastes. Some entrained materials can even influence how coffee smells – altering its aroma profile.

Plus, organic contaminants in water can often lend an off-flavor to coffee. In particular, water with these types of solutes can produce coffee with a distinctive earthy or musty taste (geosmin).

Pursafet offers water filters works according to the professional up-flow principle, always filtering the precise amount of water required for each job. As well as limescale, it filters out heavy metals and substances like chlorine that could affect smell and taste. The result: pure water for your favorite specialty coffees and a longer life for your investment.


coffee machine water filters

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