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Water Pollution & Water Filtration

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Water pollution occurs when unwanted materials enter into water, changes the quality of water and and harmful to environment and human health.

Water is an important natural resource used for drinking and other developmental purposes in our lives.Safe drinking water is necessary for human health all over the world.

According to world health organization (WHO) 80% diseases are water borne. Drinking water in various countries does not meet WHO standards, 3.1% deaths occur due to the unhygienic and poor quality of water.

Usually, there are 3 types of contaminants in our daily drinking water.

1.Physical contaminants: refers to the sediment, rust and impurities such as suspended solids visible in the water.

2.Chemical contaminants: refers to various artificial or naturally occurring chemicals that are dissolved in water, organics,in-organics and heavy metals.

3.Biological contaminants: refers to a biologically active substances that can cause disease to human body in water,the bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Sourcing the clean and safe drinking water becomes more and more important for each of family. Here are some water filtration media that can help to improve the drinking water quality.

·Polypropylene Sediment water filter: Filtering suspended matter, rust and other impurities.

·Activated Carbon water filter: Remove chlorine, odor, taste voc etc.

·Ultra Filtration membrane water filter: Filtering bacteria,virus and organism pollution

·Reverse Osmosis water filter: Remove ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles from drinking water.

·Ion-exchange resin water filter: Softening the water, prevent lime scales.

Pure, Safe and Taste Better. Pursafet offers innovative, cost effective filtration solutions of the highest quality and performance at competitive price for global customers and wholesale distributors in drinking water industry, including Activated carbon block water filters, PP sediment water filters,Refrigerator water filters, Pitcher water filters, Coffee machine water filters and POU water filtration system. Choose Pursafet for pure enjoyment.


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Know Better About Faucet Mount Water Filters

Nowadays, it’s no wonder that more people are turning to water filters to protect their health. Here are something about the faucet mount water filters that we’d like to share with you today.

What are the advantages of faucet filters?

  • Convenience–  With a faucet mount filter, you’ve got on demand filtration right at your kitchen faucet. There’s no need to constantly refill containers, and you won’t run out of filtered water.
  • Low Price– These are among the least expensive water filters. Most models retail for under $50. The replacement filters are inexpensive, too.
  • Simple Installation– No tools are required to install a faucet filter. Just take off the faucet aerator and screw the filter on in its place.
  • Easy Maintenance– The only maintenance you’ll have to do is to replace the filter cartridge every few months. And this is a simple task.

How do faucet water filters work?

A faucet mount filter screws onto the end of your faucet in place of the aerator. It has a metal or plastic housing that holds a filter cartridge.

You just turn on the water, and it flows through the filter and out an opening in the filter.

There’s always some type of diverter so you can switch between filtered and unfiltered water. You wouldn’t want to waste filtered water on, say, washing dishes.

Different brands may use different filtration materials and methods, but most have a couple of things in common.

The basic setup has a layer to block dirt and debris and then an activated carbon block that traps contaminants by adsorption as the water flows through.Some models have additional layers to reduce a greater number of contaminants.

faucet water filter

While for Pursafet faucet mount water filter, we use the UNIKTIKA’s activated carbon fiber, which is developed by melting-spinning technology, provides an extremely high adsorption speed compared with powdered or granular activated carbon.

With the Mitsubishi Rayon Ultra-filtration Membrane, it can effectively removes most particles, pyrogens, micro-organisms and colloids above their rated size, providing reliable bacteria and protozoan cyst reduction for safer and cleaner drinking water without incorporating chemicals into the media or adding chemicals to the filtered water.

Sprayer head design,  directly attaches to standard faucets, easily switches back and forth from tap water to filtered drinking water.Save 40% more space-efficient than most units, best for using in kitchen, bathroom and taking to travel.